Insurance Adjusters

We will endeavor to meet the needs of every policy holder

We at Corporate Quarters USA know that when disaster strikes, everyone of your policy holders will have a unique set of needs.

We will go above and beyond to provide the housing, furnishings and services they need, so they can get their lives “back to normal” as quickly as possible.

  • Corporate Quarters USA has access to a large inventory of temporary furnished and unfurnished housing all over the USA. With our available inventory of single family homes, town homes, condos and apartments, we will have no problem finding your clients housing comparable to their damaged property in a convenient location.
  • With immediate access to furniture, electronics and house wares, we can ensure that accommodations are set up quickly and that they consistently meet our high standards.
  • We are pet friendly in most locations.

Insurance Adjusters: We are here to make your job easier

Filling the perfect housing need for every policyholder is only the beginning of our job. From the time property loss occurs, to the time the policyholder moves back home, Corporate Quarters USA is committed to handle all the details, making sure the process goes smoothly.

Our team will provide complete account management and customer support for the policyholder, reducing the adjusters workload. We will take care of all furniture, electronics, house wares, utilities, phone service, maintenance issues and special requests during the move in process.

  • You and your policyholder will have one point of contact, who will keep you informed every step of the way.
  • We will work with you to determine billing options and the best method of collecting security deposits.
  • Corporate Quarters USA can customize invoices and management reports to help you track the accounts of multiple policyholders across the country.
  • Our team is available to answer your questions and make reservations 7 days a week.

Corporate Quarters USA step by Step Process

From the time the property loss occurs to the time your clients move back home, we will be there to take care of them.

Step 1
Team members are available 7 days a week to provide details of our services and to begin helping your clients. After we are provided the policy holders information and requirements we will set to work on meeting their immediate needs.

Step 2
One of our team members will contact your client to introduce themselves and inform them that we are working on finding them temporary housing to suit their needs, whether it’s a house with a yard or condo downtown. Usually within 2-3 days Corporate Quarters USA will present you the appropriate temporary residence for your client. We will work with your clients directly, while informing you of every step in the process.

Step 3
Corporate Quarters USA will work within your clients financial budget. Before finalizing any arrangements for housing and additional items requested by your clients, we will submit all costs for adjuster approval.

Step 4
We at Corporate Quarters USA will provide excellent customer service during the move in process and throughout your clients stay with us. We will be in regular contact with your clients to ensure all their needs are met in a timely and professional manner.

Step 5
Corporate Quarters USA will provide customized and itemized billing as required.

Step 6
Corporate Quarters USA will follow up with you and your clients regarding notice to vacate or possible extension of their stay.

Step 7
Upon request from you Corporate Quarters USA will schedule your clients move out and will complete final invoicing, return of security deposit etc.

Insurance Adjusters: Please note we also can provide housing for you. Just call or e-mail and ask one of our team members for more information.